Friday, February 10, 2006

The children in the shelter are receiving help finally. The Rotary Club have a drive going,donations required a hundred dollars per bed. Thus far we have had donations enough for five beds. Of course that doesnt mean much for thirty five children,but it is a start.
The owner of the shelter,a young woman called Annabella,is trying to get a charity status going,and the local "health inspectors" are about to visit. Three to a bed or floor sleeping is nothing new in Mexican house-holds,so we are hoping they will pass her health standards,which is high for Mexico because of the help she gets from the gringo women...who go in and hand scrub. The Shriners Club have also donated a bed.
The Shriners are incredible. Soon they will be sending a boy to Mexico City to have his crippled legs fixed. Little Cynthia from the shelter will also be going soon to have her crippled ankle fixed. Such a difference made in the life of many.
We are trying to buy the plot of land that is next door to the open space for the children to play. Selling at three hundred and eighty pesos per square meter. Hopefully we will get the 7000 dollars required with many donations. In pesos 7000 dollars is 70.000 pesos.
Sounds a lot,but as Dr Marta says "This is only one chance we have,when it is off the market,we have nowhere to expand". She is a pediatrician who gives all her time to the children.
So we have nowhere to go but up,it is a steady climb,it will happen.
I will send you photos if I can ever work this thing out. But please,if you are interested,semd your e-mail address to me and I can send you more details. It is a worth while project,because children are our future.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Shelter for children,introduced to you before,is no more forward. Finances are badly needed.
The children now range from newborn to fourteen and number 35 to 40 at any given day. Plus about a hundred children that come to be fed breakfast every Sunday after church.
The two bathrooms barely work,but Moonyeen is working on that,trying to get a bigger tank to service the toilets and the large ammount of water needed to clean clothes etc. The children bath about once a week now...which is good and the weather is getting a hose pipe in the wash room acts as a shower for the over load.
Good news. The Shriners of Chapala (Masons) are taking an interest. They are going to get together and try and build bunk beds so that the children do not sleep three to a bed. They are also sending one of the children to the shriners hospital in Mexico City,to get her crippled ankle fixed at no charge to the mother.
Food,of course is a constant need,and a group of very fine women check every few days to make sure they have milk....and dried beans etc,but everyone is on a limited bugdet and you can only help so far every week.
A splendid woman has just joined us,and is trying to organize all the volunteers and is doing a wonderful job. We have hands on help,but we need cash. Ruth Howell is also opening an account to be used strictly for donations to this shelter. She hasnt been with us long,but was born to organize all the unwashed! She can be reached at, she almost puts in a full week at the shelter,getting down and dirty with the cleaning of children and dishes. I am the toilet fixer and havent finished my chore yet for lack of money. (not to mention a good plumber). will be done. I have sworn on my plunger,this too shall pass.
Another clip will come out soon,if I can figure out how to blog.

Friday, January 20, 2006


The children Moonyeen is concentrating on at this time,live high on a mountain in Chapala,Jalisco,Mexico. The beginning of this story was a compassionate Mexican couple who lived in Guadalajara. They saw the street children and those who lived in the warm drains under the city. Huge tunnels directing sewer waters out of the city limits. Along with the rats the homeless children took refuge.
This couple collected twelve children and they came to Chapala,a country town lake side...surrounded by unforgiving mountains, but in the mountains protective shade they bought a little house. Soon,the street urchins knew where the shelter was....from twelve children they are now up to thirty five. When the government take children away from abusive homes they also send them there with the promise of financial help. It never comes.
It is a two bedroom house. A kitchen and front room that acts as a school room. Two which is blocked at the moment and Moonyeen has her men working to try and get it fixed. The age of the children are between new born and fourteen.
We need money for wood to make partitions,especially as we have puberty boys and girls.
Thus far,Moonyeen has fixed the washing machines (two) that were donated. Regular dried food comes in twice a week. All the children were supplied with uniforms so that they could go to school and look normal. All schools here require uniforms so that there is no social level to be detected. Schooling is free.
There are a group of Gringo women who have become pledged to help these people bring the level of the house up from poverty Mexican style. Ammount of adults who live in the house full time,two...stay there all day,four.
Moonyeen introduced the Shriners,Masonic lodge to a little girl called Cynthis,whose leg was broken from beatings...they have agreed to send her free of charge to the Shriners hospital with her Mom in Mexico City to get her leg reset.
I have photos for you. But I cannot get them up on the blog.
I need the help of our sponser. And as this is enough reading for one issue.
Thank-you for listening.
Any comments or suggestions to help...please contact me at we do need a lot of help,but then so does the rest of the world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the mark of zorro

Help Our Orphans

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

how bout dem cucarachas ?

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